Values & Ethos

Children trust Team Northway to keep them safe and to inspire them in their learning.  Parents trust Team Northway to nurture their child(ren) and act in loco parentis.  Team Northway trusts our children and their parents to work in honest partnership over seven years.  As trust grows, we can then develop courage.  Those who know they are trusted, loved and valued, can then develop courage which then allows them to take a full and active part in school, their learning and positively impact the experience of being part of the Northway Family for themselves and their friends.  Compassion asks us to look outwardly, ensuring each child and adult is valued equally and has the right to achieve.  It allows us to walk in each other’s shoes and ‘be the change we want to see’.  Compassion is a strong emotion where real change can happen … change for all.  Compassion allows us to ‘shining from the inside out’ and live out our Values.  If we know we are loved, valued and understood, when we make mistakes we can learn from them.  Our community understands the need to demonstrate forgiveness towards each other, to learn from the past and make our school and our choices better for the future.  If we are forgiven, we can also forgive others, giving us freedom from unnecessary burdens of anger or resentment.  Perseverance allows us to be the very best that we can possibly be.  It allows us to keep trying and overcome any barriers that might come along our way. If we each persevere, we can all achieve, all the time.  We strive courageously, can be creative, try new things and be ambitious for ourselves and each other.  With trust, courage, compassion, forgiveness and perseverance, shining from the inside out, we have hope, a bright hope for our future that will contribute to making it a bright future filled with hope for everyone.

Our School Aims

Northway School exists to provide its pupils with the best possible learning situation. It aspires to achieve this in a happy, caring and safe atmosphere where we, the pupils, parents and staff, are encouraged to see value in ourselves, in each other and in the community and environment in which we live and work.

School Aim 1

To provide a safe, effective, stimulating, accessable learning environment.

School Aim 2

To provide a good quality of education to all.

School Aim 3

To promote high expectations, which afford all children equal opportunities to achieve their full potential.

School Aim 4

To develop an effective partnership between school, home and the wider community.

School Aim 5

To support the development of pupils, social skills and their role as citizens.

School Aim 6

Promote in pupils, self esteem and respect for one self and for others.

School Aim 7

To provide a caring school with high standards of behaviour.

School Aim 8

To develop children as independent leaders.