Dear Parent / Guardian,


Re: Parent Teacher Friends Association of Northway


As a School we are very excited to share that we have re-launched our PTA following an EGM and have had our first full meeting.  PTA has formally become PTFA to include ‘Friends’… PTFA.  To make this work, we really need you!

 A PTFA is a great way to bring together parents, teachers and our local community to raise funds and to support the school.  As a member of the PTFA, meetings are arranged to decide what the association wants to achieve for school over a year and then to start planning exciting family and parent events to raise funds that go directly the enhance the experience of every Northway child.  A PTFA is as much about fun engagement as it is about fundraising but fun and fundraising are the two core aims.


Communication / Email

We have a new email address: [email protected].  This email is not for general school communication but for anything related to the PTFA and its events.  The PTFA will not be able to answer any general questions regarding school or classes.  We have a new Facebook and Twitter to keep everyone updated with PTFA news.  All other social media and email accounts are no longer associated with Northway Primary and Nursery School.


How to get involved

 As a parent at Northway, you are all automatically members!  This is fantastic news!  This will give you access to many events and experiences during the year as well as the opportunity to become an elected member of the PTFA.  

 The President (Head Teacher of the School)  (the Headteacher will also appoint a nominated teacher)

  • Chairperson  Debbie Kelly
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary  Nerys Whitby / Laura Murray
  • Treasurer  Nerys Whitby / Laura Murray
  • Social Media Officer
  • Committee Members  Mrs Delaney, Mr Bayliss, Mr Lewinski, Helen, Jo and Laura 
  • The Office Holders are elected at a Annual General Meetings



 As a member of the PTFA you will agree to and have a duty of care in regard to Safeguarding and Child Protection.  Whilst assisting at PTFA events, Safeguarding Policies, including GPDR (Data protection) must be adhered to.


And finally…

 We want to encourage everyone to support our PTFA either as an elected Officer, Committee Member or Association Member.  The higher the profile of the PTFA, the more opportunities the children of Northway will benefit from.  We would love to encourage new members and newer parents to school to stand, as well as our older friends.  Everyone is important and the enthusiasm of all is required!

 School will be taking a real interest in our PTFA ad working together with the Committee will ensure that ‘together, we can achieve anything.’