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'Together we can achieve anything'

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Northway Primary School

Northway Primary and Nursery School

'Together we can achieve anything'

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Packed Lunches

Packed Lunches

Here at Northway we expect all children bringing packed lunch to make sure it conforms to our Healthy Eating policy. A healthy packed lunch should include some of the following:


  • Fresh fruit

  • Raw vegetables (e.g. carrots, cherry tomatoes and cucumber)

  • Dried fruit

  • Savoury sandwiches (not jam, chocolate spread or peanut butter)

  • a yoghurt or fruit dessert


Beware of food companies aiming products at children while giving their parents the impression they are healthy. Key offenders are ‘yoghurt’ and ‘fruit’ products. Products calling themselves fruit but processed into another product (Fruit Winders for example) are not healthy, ‘frubes’ contain 14g of sugar per 100g. The natural sugars which are good for us undergo a chemical change and become unhealthy. Other processed products like dunkers and processed cheese are very heavy on salt, often containing more than a child’s whole recommended daily intake. High salt diets are very bad for children.


These foods may be OK for an occasional treat but are not part of a healthy lunch.  A good rule of thumb is that the less packaging the less processed food is the healthier it is.  Please remember we are a nut free school. We ask parents to avoid completely giving their children peanut butter sandwiches and other nut or seed-based snacks, as several children in our school are highly allergic to these products.



Children can bring a bottle of unflavoured water into school if they need a drink during the day. Flavoured drinks are not permitted. Children will drink water if they are thirsty and at lunch time other drinks are available in packed lunches or with school meals.


Milk is available in the Infant Department. Please ensure you fill up your child’s bottle at home with fresh water in the morning and empty and clean it at night. That way you ensure their water is fresh every day. Bottles should not be left in school overnight as they get dirty and can cause tummy upsets.


No fizzy drinks are allowed in school. At lunch children on packed lunches may bring a carton of fruit juice.

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Northway Primary and Nursery School

‘Together we can achieve anything’