Meet the Team

Team Northway is structured to meet the needs of and to strive for the very best outcomes for ‘all learners‘. Engagement between parents and school is a key part of growing together as a school community. Key people have been identified so parents are able to have their questions or concerns responded to quickly, by people who have the most information.

If you want to speak about anything to do with your child, the first port of call is the class teacher.  They will have the most up to date information and will know your child the best.  Following this, there are key members of staff with responsibility for different areas of school.

EYFS Lead (N/Rec):                 Mrs E Delaney

Key Stage 1 Lead (Y1/Y2):      Mrs Y Jones

Key Stage 2 Lead (Y3-Y6):     Mrs Reilly and Mr Taylor

Special Educational Needs or Disability:

Mr J Bayliss        SENDCo

Mrs J Dang        Deputy SENDCo

Following this, Mrs Lightfoot (Deputy Headteacher) and Mr Hargreaves (Head Teacher) are also available if a deeper conversation is needed.

If you have a Safeguarding concern, Mrs Lightfoot is our Designated Safeguarding Officer and Mrs Delaney the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer. Mr Hargreaves also has oversight of Safeguarding at Northway.

Safeguarding:                         Mrs K Lightfoot           Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Mrs E Delaney             Deputy DSL

Mr Hargreaves            DSL Trained

Any questions regarding Attendance, Miss Sultan is available to answer and other after-school enrichment clubs or dates/events, Mrs Clay.

Beginning with the class teacher or the specific teacher related to your question will ensure you get the answer you need in the quickest time possible. If you need further assistance, there is then a route you can progress along.