At Northway, we aim to inspire and motivate a generation of musicians. The Northway curriculum is ambitious and has been specifically designed to ensure all children become independent, resilient learners. Whilst music can be frequently embedded into other areas of the curriculum, we believe in the importance of music being taught as a subject in its own right, with a clear focus and outcome.

The Northway Curriculum provides children with the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of music and shows clear progression from early years through to year six. Children learn to listen and respond to a wide range of music, learning the inter-related dimensions of music throughout their school life. All children learn to play tuned and untuned instruments musically beginning with ocarina from years one to three which leads into whole class clarinet lessons from years four to six.

At Northway, we value the significance music can have among health and well-being and encourage children to be creative, reflective and express themselves through music. We are passionate about giving our children as many musical experiences as possible both in and outside of the classroom. Through enrichment activities such as visiting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and performing each term at Liverpool Cathedral, we endeavour to ensure all children are immersed in music. Wider opportunities at Northway such as ukulele, rocksteady, singing club and whole school productions allow children to be part of something unique.

Northway’s music curriculum has been carefully created to ensure all pupils flourish and reach their potential while also being provided with the knowledge and expertise to be readily prepared for secondary school and wider life.

For Years 4 to 6 we use Resonate Liverpool’s Music Hub.

A qualified Music teacher meets national curriculum objectives through the teaching of the Clarinet.

For more information please contact our Music Lead Miss Downes using the contact form below: