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Northway Primary and Nursery School

'Together we can achieve anything'

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Northway Primary School

Northway Primary and Nursery School

'Together we can achieve anything'

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  • Walliams
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Maths Monkey Adventures

Marvin the Maths Monkey!

'I felt very lucky and excited to take home Marvin the Maths Monkey. I introduced him to my family and looked forward to the maths we would use over the week. In class we are learning fractions. I draw pictures with Marvin that showed the fractions we are learning. I found dividing a shape into fifths the hardest as it is an odd number. I also went to the park with Marvin. In the children's play area we spotted numbers painted on the ground, just like in our school playground! Every night we went to bed at 8:00pm. I am still learning to tell the time but keep using clocks at home and in school to help me.


Thank You Mrs McNeil for allowing me to take Marvin home, we had a wonderful time.


Yanina, 3 Roscoe :) '


Mariam, 2 Churchill 


We went to California and calculated the journey there and back, 10,070 miles! We went to the beach too and Mum had to use a map to find it. I practiced my 2s 5s and 10s times tables with him on the plane.Then we went out and had breakfast and lunch together, me and marvin added up the total of our bill. My Mum and Dad helped Marvin and I do our homewok.


I loved having him!

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Northway Primary and Nursery School

‘Together we can achieve anything’