Northway Primary School works with staff, pupils, parents and  carers to create a school community which values the use of new technologies in enhancing learning, encourages responsible use of ICT, and follows agreed policies to minimise potential e-safety risks.

We discuss, monitor and review our e-safety policy on a regular basis, linking it with other relevant policies such as Safeguarding, Pupil Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies. We support staff in the use of ICT as an essential tool for enhancing learning and in the embedding of e-safety across the whole school curriculum.

We ensure that pupils are aware of the potential e-safety risks associated with the use of ICT and mobile technologies and that pupils feel able and safe to report incidents and abide by the school’s e-safety policy.

We ask parents to help keep your child safe online by following the points below:-

  • Only use your first name. Do not give your surname.
  • Relatives who comment please also only use first names. E.g. Ali’s mum
  • Stay safe and do not share any personal information.
  • Do not post pictures of yourself.
  • No text talk. Read and check your comments.
  • Be polite. Do not write anything that could hurt anyone.
  • Always show respect when writing comments.

If you have any concerns about the safety of the blog or internet safety please feel free to speak to child’s class teacher