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Northway Primary and Nursery School

'Together we can achieve anything'

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Northway Primary School

Northway Primary and Nursery School

'Together we can achieve anything'

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Attendance Target is 97%

  • Walliams
  • Dahl
  • Rowling
  • Shakespeare

Home School Agreement

Northway Home School Agreement

School Values

We make 7 promises and 7 expectations of our staff, pupils and parents

  For staff:

Northway Primary School promises to

Northway Primary School expects staff to

Help staff achieve a good work-life balance

Demonstrate commitment and loyalty to the school’s aims and values

Support professional and career development

Use their expertise to support others and contribute their talents to the efforts of the team

Enable staff to function as part of an effective team and participate in the school decision making process

Strive to become the best teachers they can be

Provide a pleasant and safe environment to work in

Promote the school’s agreed policies and practices

Develop a climate in which staff feel valued and respected

Always act in the best interests of the children and put their needs first

Help staff feel pride, enjoyment and job satisfaction through an effective performance management system

Develop their professional skills, knowledge and expertise

Provide the resources the staff need to do their jobs well

Make an effective contribution to the school’s self evaluation process


  For pupils:

Northway Primary School promises to

Northway Primary School expects pupils to

Ensure your school is a happy, safe, secure and pleasant place for you to learn

Respect other children’s right to learn and stay safe

Listen to what you have to say and take your views into account

Show respect and courtesy to everyone at all times

Treat you as a unique and special individual

Work hard in lessons and help your teachers to help you

Protect your right to learn

Look after and care for the school environment

Celebrate your achievements

Participate in all areas of school life

Enjoy your work and help you to get the most out of your time in school

Tell us if you have any concerns or worries so that we can help you

Prepare you to face the next stages in your life with confidence

Observe and follow the code of conduct drawn up by all members of the school community


  For parents:

Northway Primary School promises to

Northway Primary School expects parents to

Support and help you in your role as the child’s first and most important educator

Demonstrate a positive attitude towards school and the process of learning

Take every step to ensure that your child’s health and safety is protected

Ensure children attend well, arrive at school punctually and prepared for the day ahead

Listen to and take your views into account when deciding school policy

Discuss your concerns or problems in a calm and reasonable manner

Make sure you are kept informed about the work of the school and your child’s progress

Be aware of and promote the school’s code of conduct with your child

Address any concerns you may have and explain any decisions or action that results from these

Support your child with work and help him or her to achieve any targets they are given

Ensure that in all decision making children’s interest are foremost

Attend appointments made with the school or give adequate notification of non attendance

Provide the best possible quality teaching and learning environment in which children’s learning can thrive

Contribute to the school’s process for evaluating its effectiveness.


‘We can achieve anything together’

Welcome to

Northway Primary and Nursery School

‘Together we can achieve anything’