Curriculum Overview

The Northway Curriculum has a golden thread that links a rich tapestry of knowledge, interwoven with key skills and allows children to engage with, connect with and understand their locality and rich cultural offer and take their places as global citizens in the twenty first century.  

The Northway Code exemplifies an ethos that builds community and provides the expectations for excellent attitude and learning behaviour.  The curriculum is planned to allow children to explore, evaluate and improve.  

Children know the high expectations and are encouraged to strive for success in all that they do.  Children are nurtured so they can engage with their learning without barriers and reach their own potential. Northway understands that aspiration is good but aspiration for all:

all learners, all valued, all achieving…all the time.

Our Curriculum is a progressive programme of study, where children are exposed to knowledge and skills year on year.  Children should see the ‘big picture’ as they progress through school and see building blocks coming into place.  

They will be immersed in a rich vocabulary and text-base to inspire a love of learning and given the opportunity to share their knowledge.  Children can exemplify their prior knowledge and staff teach from this starting point, knowing the expectation for their specific year group.

Low stake quizzing as pre-assessments endeavour to ensure ‘sticky knowledge’ and post-assessments give children the satisfaction of achievement.  Each subject area is taught discretely but has clear cross-curricular links and crossover of skills.  

We give core subjects and basic skills a strong emphasis but passionately believe in a wide, broad, rich curriculum, where children have deeper learning experiences and develop a life-long love of learning…developing dynamic and industrious citizens for Liverpool and the world who can make a positive contribution.

Excellence, enjoyment, enrichment, progression and relevance are all key principles of our Northway Curriculum from Nursery to Year 6.

The National Curriculum

In order to prepare pupils for the more ambitious end of year expectations outlined in the framework above, teachers at Northway School have helped to develop a ‘Northway Curriculum’ with a stronger emphasis on skills, knowledge and understanding.

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly or speak to your child’s class teacher.