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Coronavirus information

UPDATE: 25th June 2020


Dear Parents / Carers,


Re: Wider opening of Northway Bubbles


Thank you for your quick response, sharing your wishes for your child through our ParentApp.  Using the app helped to collate the information quickly and sort through the many responses.  It has helped us greatly to plan for the Health and Safety of all our pupils and staff at a time when things change by the day.  It has truly been a unique experience, with Government changes being announced in the media, and then working quickly to apply LA guidance to Northway.


The Governing Board of Northway met via Zoom for the third time during Lockdown to agree our latest Risk Assessment and Planning Document.  Version 5 builds on the success of the Hub Model and most recently, the Northway Bubble Model.  Over the past four weeks we have trialled the Wider Bubble and Inter-Bubble strategy as we welcomed back more of the children of Key Workers.  New entrances, a one-way system, independent Bubbles and resources, 2m zones, regular handwashing and many other procedures have all become part of this new normal.


Following the updated guidance from the LA and DfE, we announced that we were now able to upscale and invite more pupils back to Northway.  The Governors, as explained in our last communication, agreed to follow the Government directive, with priority being given to: Key Worker Families, pupils in Y6, Y1, Reception and Nursery and if capacity, to move to other year groups.  The LA further instructed us on Tuesday to prioritise Year 6, Year 1, Reception and Nursery before upscaling further.  We were able to accommodate most of the requests via ParentApp and telephone calls for these year groups and have carried out table top exercises to plan to accommodate more.


Our school capacity is linked to the square metreage of our classrooms and the number of full time staff available to work to protect each Bubble.  We really want to have the whole community back together but when you apply the 2m social distancing alongside the number of staff available and parental choice, we realised it was not fully possible.  We can now open 10 Bubbles from Monday 29th June 2020.  Parents have already been notified if their child has a place.  We will not be able to accept any pupils who did not apply or did not receive a confirmation message – for this we apologise.


Procedures on Monday 29th June 2020


  • Children should attend School from Monday 29th and attend all week, as this protects the integrity of the Bubble.  Children are not able to attend two childcare settings.


  • Each classroom has been re-designed into an Inter-Bubble.  Children have been placed into a Bubble with children from their Year group and in some cases their closest year group.  They may or may not have their own Class Teacher / Teaching Assistant, as we have had to designate available staff across all Inter-Bubbles.  One Bubble will not mix with another, to protect its integrity.  Desks are still placed 2m apart for children in Year 1- Y6, as per guidance and 2m markings are in place for children in Nursery and Reception.  The number of pupils in each room will depend on the measurements of the classroom.


  • Toilets at Northway are all cubicles which helps greatly to maintain a safe distance and protective bubble.  Toilet breaks are timetabled and 2m markings are in place in case of a queue.


  • Washing hands has become part of the day at Northway.  We even have a great KT Tunstall song to accompany key hand washing times!


  • The designated gate for each year group will open at 8.45am and will close at 9.10am.  Punctuality is even more important and we appreciate your support in this.  Please also park respectfully (not on ZigZags) to allow all families and their children to arrive / depart safety.


  • Parents are unfortunately still unable to enter the School site, to maintain the wider Northway Bubble.  Pupils, when dropped off at the gate, will be  guided by staff to ensure they reach their Bubble door.


  • Keyworker children, Reception and Year 1 please use WALDGRAVE ROAD Gate.  Nursery, Year 6 and their siblings, please use NORTHWAY (Office/Main) Gate.


  • We realise that on the first couple of days, arrival and departures may take longer than usual but from our experience with the Bubbles, it does get quicker and slicker.  Please be patient and most importantly, keep to the 2m social distancing markers for your own safety and the safety of the neighbouring residents.


  • Registration will take place as children enter the building to speed up the process.


  • Departure: Staff will be using walkie-talkies to radio for children to meet parents at the gate to be collected.  This proved successful during ‘Bubble’ weeks 1-4 and ensured a safe handover.  To help speed the process, please only one parent per child at each gate.  (Two parents, one per gate is fine).


Nursery children can be collected from 11.45pm-12pm.  They will leave from WALDGRAVE ROAD Gate.


All other children (except Y6) will leave using the WALDGRAVE ROAD Gate from 2.45pm.


Year 6 will depart from NORTHWAY (Office/Main) Gate from 3pm.  This should give parents time to go between the two gates where necessary.


  • Any Year 6 pupil who is usually allowed to walk home on their own should bring a letter from his/her parent on the first day and they will be able to leave by 3.20pm.  Only children with a letter will be able to depart independently of their parent / carer.


  • During arrival and departure times, no cars or visitors will be permitted through the Northway Gate.


  • Whenever possible, children should not be dropped off late or collected early, unless it is an emergency.  A telephone call to the school office would be appreciated.


  • No equipment can be brought into School from home, to protect the Bubble.  Where possible, please leave coats at home too (unless bad weather).  All equipment will be provided.


  • Our Catering Team are providing a cooked meal.  Children who are entitled to a Free School Meal will receive this free of charge, as will Infants under Universal Infant Free School Meal.  The Government have instructed that Free School Meal Vouchers will not be issued to children accessing School.  Other pupils are able to eat at a subsided cost of £1 that can be paid via ParentPay to reduce cash handling in the School Office.  For this, children also receive snacks during the day.  We are unable to pass any food or bags to each Bubble during the school day via the Office.


  • Water is provided in School for the children.


  • If a pupil becomes unwell or has a minor accident during the day, they will be given first aid with staff using appropriate PPE as stated in the guidance.  Children showing symptoms of Covid-19 should not attend Northway and any pupils showing symptoms during the day will be asked to go home with their parents / carer and self-isolate as a family.


  • If the weather remains glorious…please apply sun cream before attending school.  Lots of our Bubble education can take place outdoors if the weather is with us.



Excellent behaviour is essential whilst in the Bubbles.  The Northway Code is still followed.  All children will be expected to maintain social distancing as far as is possible.  During these times failing to follow the Northway Code will endanger other children and adults in School and risk their health and safety.  We are unable to accept this.


I apologise for so much information in one letter!  You will I’m sure realise there is a constant flow of information from London to Liverpool City Council and then on to individual schools.  Once Monday happens, it will become second nature and part of the new normal.


I also hope to share information about September very soon.  I know the Central Team are preparing notes to share with schools about the scenarios for September.  As soon as I have more information, I will send it across.


Finally, teachers are currently preparing a short summary report for this very different year.  You will receive this via email/SeeSaw by the end of this academic year and more details will follow very soon.


THANK YOU once again for your support throughout these strange time.  You are amazing.  Keep safe, keep smiling and most importantly, keep shining. 


Yours sincerely,


MJ Hargreaves and Team Northway




We are very pleased to be able to welcome more pupils back into Northway on 29th June.  We are busy changing our classrooms into Bubbles and ensuring a full staff/school capacity is in place.  Thank you to the parents who returned their ParentApp Survey - you will be notified of your child's place on Tuesday / Wednesday this week.  We have already welcomed back children of Key Workers and next week it will a real joy to see some more Year 6, alongside children from other year groups.  Our priority is in line with Liverpool's Guidance Document: Year 6, Year 1 and Reception/Nursery.

Letter re: post 1st June 2020 update

Northway Proposed Re-opening from 1 June


Northway Primary and Nursery School will open on 1st June, following the guidance given by Liverpool City Council.  During Week 1 and Week 2 school will be open for children of Keyworkers, with priority given to those who have already been accessing the Liverpool Hubs.  If the science and Health and Safety suggest it is appropriate, Year 6 will then be invited to return - once again dependant on parental choice.


Following a ParentApp survey we have created a list of children we are expecting and have created 'inner-bubbles' within School.  It is important to note that this is not normal School.  Children will be following the Home Learning Curriculum set on SeeSaw and will take part in a PE/Sport Activity and Creative Curriculum Project - the same as children learning from home.  They will not necessarily have their own teacher or be in their own classroom as we have had to carry out a stringent risk assessment.


Children who attend Northway are required to attend for the full week to protect the bubble and inter-bubbles within School.


Children should wear their non-uniform as we want them to be comfortable and be able to take part in PE as well as classroom learning.  It is also advised that clothes are washed each night and therefore doing this with school uniform would create a challenge for parents.


​​​​​​​Only equipment provided in school within each bubble can be used - no equipment from home should be brought in.


Children should be dropped off at WALDGRAVE ROAD GATE, using the social distance markings.  Unfortunately no parents are allowed on site during this new 'bubble' school.  There are also markings on the pathway leading to the main school entrance if parents need to speak to Admin / Senior Leaders.  Children will be dismissed at Waldgrave Road Gate at 3.20pm.


The School Office should only be visited in emergencies - please use the telephone for all enquiries.


​​​​​​​Lunches will be cooked on site.  If you require a Free School Meal it will be provided and paid for through FSM.  If you do not receive Free School Meals, Week 1 and Week 2 will be paid for by School and then following this meals will be charged at the reduced rate of £1 per child (usually £2).


Thank you for your support over the past few weeks - Northway has stuck together and this 'togetherness' will take us through to a bright future.



Half Term Childcare:

Please click the link to access information from Liverpool City Council:

Information from the Hub Lead: St Oswald's


Families should use any of the 50 Hubs that are located around the city.  Please select one that is most suited to your geographic location (home or where you will be working).  Please also note if you have an adult at home EVEN IF YOU ARE A KEY WORKER your child must stay at home.


Message for Parents:


School is now closed and will not reopen until further notice. The St Oswald’s buildings have been identified as a safe Hub for emergency childcare for front line key workers. Children from other schools will be arriving to access this safe space as well as some of our own.


I urge all of you to try and be as inventive as possible with your child care arrangements, ONLY those children whose parents have no other option should access the hub. Having lots of children together is not ideal and also has risk associated with it. The Hub will not operate as a school, it is not about learning it is essential child care, the staff from Broadgreen Primary, Northway Primary and St Oswald’s will be working to ensure the children are occupied and supervised. Your child may not be with their own familiar staff and may be in different parts of the building. The situation will be reviewed daily and I will keep you updated as we work through this crisis. 


Please check the criteria carefully to ensure that you qualify as a key worker. If you have an adult at home even if you are a key worker your child must stay at home. 

If you qualify for a place in a hub we are open on Monday 23rd March from 9am to 4pm prompt. 

If you are planning to bring your child/ren to us please understand and be prepared for the following:

- when you arrive at school for the first time you will be required to complete a registration form which includes contact details, emergency contacts, medical info, allergies, dietary info, SEND needs etc. If your child currently attends St Oswald’s you will still be required to complete a form.  BE AWARE THIS COULD TAKE TIME ON MONDAY.

·       Your child needs to come in their own clothes with suitable coats to go outside. 

·       Children are not permitted to bring any electronic equipment or mobile phones. 

·       On Monday 23rd all children who attend will get a free hot meal. Following this parents can pay for a hot lunch; information to follow from the Hub.

·       Your child will be in a childcare environment, they will be playing games, doing craft activities, being outside etc. This is not an educational environment. 

·       Your child needs to follow and respond to the Hub's behaviour guidance; as it would be in the school they are currently enrolled in. The setting has the right to refuse entry to any child who does not follow the expectations of the Hub. 

·       Parents will be asked to wait in designated collection areas when dropping off and collecting from the Hub to ensure the health of the staff.

·       Any child who is unwell will be sent home as quickly as possible.


We will be receiving an update from the Local Authority on a daily basis in response to local and national guidance. This will be updated on OUR WEBSITE

There are 50 HUBS across the City, you can use the one which is best for you.

Below are links to national guidance and advice: 

Closure of educational setting guidance for parents 

You can follow Liverpool's response to the Coronvirus on Twitter and Facebook 

Liverpool City Council website updates 

Support for families who are entitled to free school meals 

If you feel unwell you are encouraged you use the following NHS website rather than ringing 111 straight away 


I am not anticipating problems but please be aware that we will not accept any unacceptable behaviour.  This is a national crisis and we have been requested to respond to this; remember we are all in this together!


Thanking you in anticipation


Hub Lead

Information regarding Liverpool Hubs during closure

Information from LCC regarding Key Worker Children’s Hubs


AROUND 50 hubs to look after primary age children of key workers in Liverpool will open on Monday 23 March.

 It follows the Government’s decision to close schools later today until further notice, as part of the response to coronavirus.

 The strategically located school sites are only for primary age pupils whose parents are key workers and have no other safe childcare available to them, and will initially be open from 9am until 4pm.  

 Parents of primary school children who are eligible are asked to take their child to the nearest site which is convenient for them on Monday, where there will be staff available to receive them.

There will be no provision for secondary school pupilsbut secondary schools are identifying vulnerable children and will be proactively contacting those parents directly to see if they need any support.


The list of key workers is:

 ·         Social workers, care workers, health and social care staff and those required to maintain the sector

·         Teachers, specialist education professionals and nursery staff

·         Staff essential to the operation of the justice system

·         Staff involved in the management of the deceased

·         Administrative staff in local government essential to the delivery of the COVID-19 response

·         Staff delivering essential public services such as payment of benefits

·         Staff involved in the distribution of food or other key goods

·         Police and police support staff

·         Fire and rescue staff and support staff

·         Transport workers

·         Utilities workers

·         Probation staff

·         IT staff necessary to support COVID-19 response

·         Payment providers

·         Waste disposal service presumably including refuse collection


In addition, other workers described include:

 ·         Armed forces personnel

·         MoD civilian staff and contractors

·         National Crime Agency

·         Border security

·         National security staff

·         Religions and charity staff

·         Journalists and broadcasters


The list of hubs is:

 ·       Arnot St Mary, Arnot Street, L4

·         All Saint's Catholic Primary, Oakfield, Anfield

·         Anfield Road Primary School, Anfield Road, Anfield

·         Banks Road Primary, Banks Road, Garston  

·         Barlows Primary School, Barlows Lane, Fazakerley

·         The Beacon Church of England Primary, Heyworth Street, Everton

·         Blackmoor Park Infants, Leyfield Road, L12

·         Dovedale Primary, Herondale Road, L18

·         Fazakerley Primary, Formosa Drive, L10  

·         Faith Primary School, Prince Edwin Street, L5  

·         Florence Melly Primary, Bushey Road, L4

·         Greenbank Primary School, Mossley Avenue , L18

·         Holy Cross Primary, Fontenoy Street, L3

·         Holy Name Catholic Primary, Mosspits Lane, Fazakerley  

·         Hunts Cross Primary School, Kingsthorne Road, L25

·         Kensington Community Primary School, Brae Street

·         Kingsley Community School, Eversley Street

·         Liverpool College, Queens Drive, L18

·         Matthew Arnold Primary School, Dingle Lane, Dingle

·         Mosspits Lane Primary School, Mosspits Lane, Wavertree

·         Middlefield Community Primary, Alder Wood Avenue, Speke

·         Monksdown Primary School, Monksdown Road, Norris Green   

·         Norman Pannell School, Brownbill Bank, L27

·         Northcote Community Primary, Cavendish Drive, Walton

·         Our Lady & St Philomena's Catholic Primary School, Sparrowhall Road, L9

·         Our Lady and St Swithin's Catholic Primary, Parkstile Lane, L11

·         Phoenix Primary School, Birchfield Road, L7

·         Pleasant Street Community Primary, Pleasant Street, L3

·         Rice Lane Primary, Brockenhurst Road, L9

·         Rudston Primary School, Rudston Road, L16

·         Sacred Heart Catholic School, Hall Lane, Kensington

·         Springwood Heath Primary, Danefield Road, Allerton

·         Sudley Junior School, Aigburth Road, L17

·         St Ambrose Primary School, Alderfield Road, L24

·         St Christopher’s Catholic Primary, Tarbock Road, L24

·         St Nicholas Catholic Primary School, Orthes Street, L3

·         St Oswald's Catholic Primary School, Montague Road, Old Swan

·         St Teresa of Lisieux Catholic Primary School, Uttington Avenue East, L11

·         St John's Catholic Primary, Fountains Road, Kirkdale

·         St Margaret's Anfield CE Primary, Lower Breck Road, Anfield

·         St Paul & St. Timothy’s Infant School, South Parkside Drive, L12

·         St Paul's Catholic Junior School, Spring Grove, L12

·         St Sebastian's Catholic Primary School, Holly Road, Fairfield

·         Stockton Wood Primary, All Saints Road, Speke

·         Wavertree Church of England Primary, Rose Villas, L15

·         Windsor Primary School, Upper Hill Street, L8

·         Woolton Primary School, Out Lane L25

·         Our Lady of Assumption, Hedgefield Road, Belle Vale

·         St Hugh's Primary School, Earle Road, L7

·         Our Lady Immaculate Primary School, Northumberland Terrace, L5


In addition, children’s centres will be open for parents of children on free school meals to collect vouchers which can be redeemed in store or online at ASDA. Those in self-isolation can phone their centre to arrange for the vouchers to be delivered.

 The list of hubs is available at


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