Catch-up Funding Premium

Northway received Covid Catch-up Funding from DfE.  The money is released to school in three blocks.  The aim of the funding is to target key intervention to work towards closing learning gaps that may have appeared due to the national lockdown in Spring / Summer 2020.  Northway completed diagnostics to assess where the need was for each year group before planning for intervention strategies.

Wave 1 – Quality First Teaching of a Recovery Curriculum within Class.

Wave 1b – Use of specific apps and programmes to boost ‘all learners’.

Wave 2 – Begin to return to the Northway Curriculum with key interventions taking place.

Wave 2b – Use of T&L Assistants to deliver strategic Catch-up intervention before and after school to boost learning.

Wave 3 – Training for parents and carers to allow them to engage with the education at a greater level at home.


Main strategies for Autumn Term, all of which have an inbuilt baseline and assessment data to show progress.

1. Reading Plus for Year 1 – Year 6

2. Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars for whole school

3. Wellcomm (Oracy / Communication) for Nursery, EYFS and targeted children across School

4. School Improvement Liverpool Catch-up Resources for Maths, English, Science and PHSE.