Northway we believe that for children to achieve their full potential they need to attend regularly and punctually. Children should be at school, on time, every day the school is open, unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable. Parents/Carers should contact the school on the first day of a pupil’s absence. They should state the reason for their child’s absence and also the date on which they are expected to return to school.

Longer periods of illness, due to chicken pox, flu, etc. are expected. However, some children have two or three days away from school throughout the school year due to illness. This quickly adds up to pupils missing a significant number of days. This is why we are asking parents to consider if their child really needs to miss the time from school. If possible, bring your child to school and see if they could manage being in school, or bring them in a little later.

Ring, or ask at the office for advice if you are not sure. We will always call you if your child is too ill to be at school. Children who are consistently absent with two or three days’ illness as a pattern will be asked to meet with Mrs Lightfoot and the EWO to address any health concerns.

Late Arrivals
The school day begins at 8.50am for all Reception to Year 6. Children should go straight to their classroom for the start of the school day. The school gates are closed by 9.00am, any child who arrives after this time will need to enter school at the main entrance reporting to the office giving the reason for lateness and for parents to sign their child/children in via the electronic sign in.

At Northway we work hard to improve attendance and time keeping at the school. There are a few key things that we wish to develop with all our families:

  • It is essential that parents are on time bringing children to school and when collecting them at the end of the day. Class teachers will be asking for reasons for any lateness and persistent lateness will be further investigated by school or the Education Welfare Service.

Please continue to ring with school with your child’s absences.
The school number is 0151 722 3540.

When the Education Welfare Officer, Ms Eyo reviewed the registers, there were significant numbers of appointments, random days’ and illness that have affected our overall attendance, so we are asking parents to follow these guidelines:

  • Please do not make dental or GP appointments during the school day. We understand that this is difficult where hospital outpatient appointments have been made for you, but these do not take up the whole day and your child should attend school before/after the appointment
  • Please bring your appointment card or letter to the school office so your child’s mark can be recorded as medical and not unauthorised.

This year our aim is to achieve 97% or above. With your continued support, we would like you to please make every effort to ensure that your child is in school and on time every day.

We appreciate your support with aiming for this target