The Northway Art and Design Curriculum is designed to engage and inspire a generation of creative artists. Therefore, we believe that Art and Design should be taught as an individual subject, with clear focus and intent for each lesson. We ensure the children have access to a wide range of skills, concepts and knowledge, enabling them to develop their own responses and talents in a visual or tactile form. 

The art and design curriculum at Northway has been specifically designed to offer children the opportunities to engage with an extensive and rich range of materials and artists. Pupils explore and celebrate both local and international artist, offering them access to cultural richness and diversity. To ensure critical reflection and develop a deeper understanding of art and design, we foster a safe and open forum for pupils to analyse their own and others work.

Through the art and design curriculum we intend to provide an opportunity for pupils to develop a sense of worth as individual and as contributors to the school and wider community. We also value the opportunity this subject provides for promoting and supporting our pupils’ well being by enabling them to explore their creative capacities and celebrate their successes through their artistic and emotional engagement with their cultural heritage. 

Our curriculum fires the imagination of pupils, equipping them with the fundamental skills of personal expression that will readily prepare them for secondary school and the wider world.