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Story from an ex-pupil from 1970-1978

I attended Northway from 1970 - 1978. I loved school it was my sanctuary, my favourite teacher was Mr Cocker who was very fair, we had Mr Gill, a teacher who came in to give us Violin lessons, Mr Pluse one of the R teachers gave us Guitar lessons, Miss Haddon taught the choir. We had milk cartons at break time in the younger school, and in juniors we had "tuck" where we could buy jammy dodgers. I went onto King David High School in 1978, and then onto University and have lived in London and Essex ever since. I am "home" every two months to see my mum and cousins, though mum no longer lives in Talbotville Road, she is now in Wavetree Green, though i love driving past the school and always tell my sons stories of Northway when we drive past.... 

Picture 1 1970's