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Light and Dark Experiment

Light and Dark Experiment 1
Light and Dark Experiment 2
Light and Dark Experiment 3
Light and Dark Experiment 4
Year One have been investigating different types of light sources.  We wondered what would happen if we hid objects in a dark room.   We predicted what objects we would be able to see with no light source and which ones we would be able to see with a light source.  Year one found out that darkness is the absence of light and we could not see in the dark at all.

Why are humans not like tigers?

Year One have been investigating animals.  They have thought about animal's habitats and had a wonderful visit to Chester Zoo.  Year one used non-fiction books to research nocturnal animals and then worte their own non-chronological report on their favourite nocturnal animal.  
We have written a recount about our trip to the museum and the animals we have seen.


Year One have been thinking about the seasons.  We stared by thinking about the months of the year and then thought about all the different seasons.  Next we decided to order the months under each season.  Year One created a tally chart of their birthdays in each month and then we created a human pictogram.