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School Memories from 1947-1950 by Lilian Hughes (Nee Openshaw), a past pupil

I am a former pupil of Northway, from 1947 - 1950. my memories are of a very happy school, my co pupils were Jacqueline Nelson, Gillian Nelson, Allan Wilson, Sheila Kenton, Linda Kilroe Joan Spencer. and my sisiter Valerie Openshaw, we all lived at Wavertree House in Binns Road, and all walked to school together. One of my vivid memories was in 1951 there was a special day when we were allowed to take our Dolls prams and Bikes to school, all dressed in Red white and blue, we paraded our prams bikes and anything else on wheels around the school yard, somehow I got into school with the pram I had been loaned for the occasion, and found myself at the top of the stairs, I think they may have been between Juniors and Infants,(from the school plans they are still there) i was told by the Head Mistress to take myself and My pram outside, I promptly pushed the pram and knocked the Head Mistress down the stairs. Another lady teacher came and told me to pick up My Pram,, crying I told her that the pram was not mine, but belonged to another Girl, (I seem to remember it was Linda Kilroe's.) I was severely told off by my parents later. My sister Valerie and I left Northway to go to live in West Derby and become pupils at Broad Square. The photo in your 1940's Gillian Nelson is on the second row down 3rd from right, I am I think 5th along from left 3rd row down. I also remember a Wendy Mackenna being in the same class. i also remember in winter we would throw our knitted Gloves up the outside wall to see if they would stick to the Brickwork, Then get the Caretaker to get them down. I would love to hear from any former pupils of Class 1.