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Northway Primary and Nursery School

'Together we can achieve anything'

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Northway Primary School

Northway Primary and Nursery School

'Together we can achieve anything'

Attendance Board

Attendance for 03/09/18-14/12/18 was:

96.48% school target is 97%

  • Walliams
  • Dahl
  • Rowling
  • Shakespeare


In Northway we believe everyone can be a reader!

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Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure 1

Creating stories

2015/16's Reading Champions

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Mobile book bus visits Northway

Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge  1 The library sharing our Summer Reading Challenge
Picture 1 Year 2 and 3 work with Stephen to create artwork!

Mr Bercow visits Northway

Mr Bercow visits Northway  1 Mr.Bercow hears all about our House Author system
Northway had a 'House themed' World Book Day.  Our children dressed up as a character from our house teams, either Dahl, Rowling, Walliams or Shakespeare.  We had some wonderful outfits and activities based on our house authors books.

Stephen Waterhouse Author and Illustrator Visits Northway

Stephen Waterhouse, an author and illustrator, came to Northway.  He delivered a fabulous whole school assembly to inspire our children to write and illustrate books.  He then delivered workshops to Years two and Three, who produced artwork around a theme, which will be used to create a piece of artwork for our school.

Dads and Lads Reading Club

Dads and Lads is a fabulous way for Northway's Dads to read with their boys and keep them inspired to keep reading.  Our Dads have been fabulous role models for the children, sharing stories they love with their children.  Even some of our teachers have got involved, reading with boys who would like to come and join our club.  Come and join us for some reading fun!

The BFG visits Northway

Was that a Whizzpopper I heard? We had a fabulous morning when the BFG came to Northway to share the story of the BFG.  With props and sound effects the children were amazed. The laughter didn't stop, as we got lost in the story of the BFG and Sophie on their journey.

Reading Revoltionaries

Every week our trained Reading Revolutionaries take younger children throughout the school, to help inspire and motivate them to read.  The children use books just above their reading ability to support challenging them to read more complex texts, while the Reading Revolutionaries support and guide them.  

Northway is Reading for Pleasure everyday! Find out what we are doing, by following the link.

Autumn 1 Reading Challenge!

                                                                                      Autumn 1 Reading Challenge! 1 Can you make a book in a box?

All the fabulous' Book in a Box' entries!!

Reading Quality Mark Ceremony

Northway received the Gold Reading Quality Mark, at this year's ceremony.  A wonderful success, as the children and staff have worked together to develop a love of reading within our school and the wider community.  It was a fantastic way to celebrate all the fantastic work we have achieved so far.  Looking forward to all future events. 

'Help Yourself to a Book' Event

Katrice Horsley visits Northway

Picture 1

Year two have become published authors!

Year two have become published authors! 1
Year two, have written their own poems, which have been published in the poetry book called 'Out of this world'.  What a success!  

Library Club

We love reading

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Northway Primary and Nursery School

‘Together we can achieve anything’