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Snapchat and Snap Maps

Snapchat – new feature – “Snap Maps”


Last month, Snapchat introduced a new feature call Snap Maps. This location-based map allows users to see where in the country their Snapchat contacts are, as well as seeing location-based photos and videos.


The Snap Map shows a user’s Bitmoji, their cartoon avatar within Snapchat, pinpointed on a world map. Users can then zoom into the map to see the exact location of their friends.

I would encourage all children and their parents/carers of the following…


Sharing location can be a risky thing to do, so remember to -

  • Only share your location with people you know in person. Never share your location with strangers.
  • Don’t add contacts to Snapchat if you don’t know them in person – this applies to ALL social media apps.
  • Regularly review your settings (again, this applies to all social media apps) and carefully think about whether you want people to know your location.
  • Remember you can switch this off at any time. Think about where you’re sharing your location. Location services such as Snap Maps can lead people to your house.
  • Think about what times you’re on the app and whether these are locations you want to share – if not, then turn this off within your settings.