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Maths Events


We hold a range of Maths events throughout the year for our children, parents and wider community to get involved with.

For more information about other things going on in school relating to Maths, Follow us on twitter and check out our Maths blog.

The calendar will be updated throughout the year. Any key events will also be sent to parents via letters.

2017/2018 Maths Calendar

  • KS1 Maths Café; 16/11/17 and 9/2/18 2.30pm 
  • KS2 Maths Café; 9/11/17 and 16/2/18 2.30pm
  • EYFS Maths Cafe; 8/03/18 
  • Maths Morning; 18/12/17, 22/3/18, 6/7/18 9.10am 
  • Maths Day’s: NSPCC Maths day (2/2/18)
  • World Maths Day (12/3/18)
  • PI Day (14/3/18)
  •  Perfect Maths day (28/6/18)
  • Maths Party Day (7/7/18)