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Class Attendance Competition for Spring Term 2017

Class Attendance Competition for Spring Term 2017


          1R - 92.17%                    3J - 95.85%               
          1S - 95.20%                    3M - 94.70% 
          2D - 94.67%                    4V - 95.39% 

                   2S - 96.33%                    4L - 96.22%  

                                                           5M - 96.42%
                                                           6H - 95.72% 


                 Congratulations to 2S and 5M our KS1 and KS2 class winners.


Our school attendance up to 07/04/17 is 95.27%.

Thank you for your support.

Our school overall attendance for the Year 2015-2016 was 95.20%. Our aim for term 2016-2017 is again 95% or above. 

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped Northway achieve our goal.  With your continued support,  we would like you to please make every effort to ensure that your child is in school and on time every day to help keep our attendance above 95%.


We appreciate your support with aiming for this target.